In 2009, the Washington State legislature passed a law which became effective July 1, 2010 (the “Act”). This Act which requires all Covered Vessels to provide an emergency response towing vessel (“ERTV”) stationed at Neah Bay, Washington, if a Covered Vessel transits the ERTV Transit Area. The Act defines the ERTV Transit Area to cover all Covered Vessel transits to or from a Washington port through the Strait of Juan de Fuca, except for transits extending no further west than Race Rocks Light.

A maritime industry stakeholders group has developed a plan and method to provide for the ERTV as required by the Act, forming the ERTV Compliance Group (ERTV CG) in order to establish the means and organization to provide a year-round ERTV at Neah Bay and to make it available for the owners and operators of Covered Vessels and contingency plan holders to identify and include the ERTV in their required oil spill contingency plans in order to maintain compliance with Washington State law.

The Marine Exchange of Puget Sound provides all administrative services, including invoicing, collection of vessel assessments and payment of ERTV expenses. The Marine Exchange is a member based, non-profit corporation equipped for and experienced in providing information regarding vessels transiting Washington waters, providing various communications services, and sharing information with customers as needed.

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